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Electro Deposition Coating

This process involves treating a product's surface with a chemical solution, then finishing with a protective coating that not only gives it a slick finishing but also prevents corrosion and contamination in the end product during the product's life cycle. A fully automated E-coat system, with a capacity of more than 50,000 pieces disk drive output per day, couples with dow 7, chromating and pre-treatment facilities put us top of the surface finishing industry. 
Complete in-house design and assembly engineering capability in E-coat, degreasing and other surface finishing facilities enable us to continuously review and add equipment as and when necessary for expansion. 


Electro Deposition Coating Facilities  

  • Fully Automated Ecoat Line

  • Auto Pre-treatment Line (Conveyorized System) 

  • Fully Automated DI Water System 

  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities 

  • Vacuum Dryer 

  • Automatic DI Aqueous Cleaning Line 

  • Automatic DI Generator System 

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